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"Pete, in thirty years of making music you are the fastest editor I've ever worked with! Keep up the good work."

- Mark Lennon (Venice)

"Recording in Buzz Studio was a complete pleasure from start to finish. Pete has brought my vocals alive and produced a sound for me that I am proud to share. I literally wept when I heard the mix down. The man has great ears and great taste. I am in pre-production for my next project at Buzz. I can't wait!"

- Rebecca Ireland

"I was totally impressed by Pete's great ears, attention to detail, dedication to excellence and understanding of how to achieve it quickly and effectively. His professionalism, friendliness and generosity of spirit make it easy to recommend him to others. I'll be back."

- Anando Bharti, Narooma Studios

"My music has a melodic acoustic sound using harmonics and resonance. I needed sensitivity, gentle hands and a loving ear - I got it, and the warmth given to my master was sensational."

- Ian Morton, Intuitive Guitar

"I am 100% satisfied and confident in Pete's skills, his personal service and his ability to bring out the best in me and my music. As a songwriter, this is the most important thing any musician can hope for. Thanks Pete."

- Zahlu



Looks shmick, smooth, easy to to navigate, totally informative. full software list, tunes, services - is there anything you guys dont do?
keep up the great work. Its awesome all the support and help you give to local crew, and getting their mobile and home studios set up by Buzz.
big ups
16 May 2007 08:03


Hi Mr P Keep On Rockin
16 May 2007 03:27

gaz arthy

hi pete & nissen, great to see the new site. i am looking forward to starting the new project soon. thanks for the link.
the animator.
15 May 2007 23:12

Liz Downing

hello my friend, lovely to see you artwork online finally. It looks beautiful.
15 May 2007 19:38

Glen Campbell

Hi guys. I really love the homepage. The colour scheme really catches your attention.
15 May 2007 19:22

David Earle

congrats bro. nice tunes in the listening room. Are you going to put up some more?
15 May 2007 19:15

Jonathan White

great work mate! I love the shot of the valve on the top of the page, oldskool!
15 May 2007 18:51